Aspiring against stereotypes


12/02/2010 by mcmakarolyn

On Camera: MC&MA (Girls) are filmed for the Challenging Stereotypes event

Manchester Creative and Media Academy (Girls) students discovered how pre-conceived ideas about the workplace are not always the case.

A group of year 7 pupils met up with 15 mystery employers from the world of work at the Challenging Stereotypes event on January 22nd. The students then had to guess their profession.

The employers also presented a talk to the girls, who then completed a presentation about aspirations.

MC&MA (Girls) Senior Assistant Vice Principal, Jean Rose said: “The aim of the event was to raise aspirations and inform youngsters of the variety of career opportunities open to them.”

Challenging Stereotypes was run with partners North West independent charity, The Manufacturing Institute and Education Business Solutions from the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.


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