MC&MA wow the DCSF

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04/03/2010 by mcmakarolyn

Above is a short clip of our 15-minute DVD that recieved a rapturous reception from government officials at the Department of Children, Schools and Families (DCSF).

A selection of year 9, 10 and 11 pupils from both Manchester Creative and Media Academy (MC&MA) sites travelled to London and York on two seperate occasions for the DVD. It celebrates the opening of over 200 academies in England over the last six months.

Pupils Mark Jehu, Ahsan Chaudhary, Charlotte Ingham and Georgia Ward went to the DCSF headquarters in Westminster on 2nd of February. They interviewed Minister of State for Schools and Learners, Vernon Coaker, Permanent Secretary, David Bell and Director General for Schools Jon Coles for the DVD.

Lauren Jones and Jake Hanibul presented the film, and joined the rest of the students at the DCSF Away Day at the Royal York Hotel in York on 24th of February.

At the Away Day, Executive Principal Barry Fishwick spoke about about the changes and achievements of MC&MA since it became an academy. After the film was shown, the students took part in a question and answer session from DCSF officials.


The film was produced by filmmaker Siobhan Goryl and journalist Karolyn Judge, members of MC&MA’s Creative and Media Team.

Siobhan recorded footage of the minister and DCSF officials, while the students had planned out questions with Karolyn – and interviewed like professionals!

Back at the academy, Siobhan continued to film staff and students to bring the DVD together and talk about our achievements.

Both the DVD and the question and answer session was well received by the DCSF. Siobhan Goryl said: “The presentation went really well, the students and the DVD seemed to be the highlight of the day.

“The end result was a success thanks to everyone’s help and support.”

The students represented the academy impeccably and enjoyed both visits. In London, they got to see the capital’s famous sights.

Take a look at our pictures of the day at DCSF’s Westminster offices here:

(L-R)Charlotte Ingham, Mark Jehu, Georgia Ward and Ahsan Chaudhary prepare for their DCSF interview with MP Vernon Coaker

Professional and poised: Georgia and Ahsan

Charlotte and Georgia at Downing Street


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