Chris keeps United Under 18s in line

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15/03/2010 by mcmakarolyn

MC&MA (Boys) student Chris Bega

Manchester Creative and Media Academy (Boys) student Chris Bega was the assistant referee (linesman) for a Manchester United Under 18s match last month.

Year 11 student Chris was called just a few days before the game against Nottingham Forest Under 18s, after impressing Phil Platt, the referee’s secretary for the Manchester Football League.

Chris, who is in 11D1, has been a referee and assistant referee (linesman) since he was 14.

Preparation is key

Despite being nervous, sensible Chris was philosophical about the match that United won 3-0.

He said: “I am a bit nervous, I am. I think it’s good to be nervous because you’re mentally getting yourself prepared, and the nerves seem to sink away. I think you realise the task in front of you.”


Newcastle United supporter Chris started his extra-curricular career at MC&MA.

He said: “School arranged for the Manchester FA to come in and run a basic referees course in school over two weekends.

“At first it was normally top set PE, but because I liked the idea I asked the head of PE whether I could get on the course, and he said ‘yeah we can get you on it.’

“Football League referee Chris Kavanagh, who I’m actually going out with today, took the course and we finished the basic refereeing course, I got my qualification and got involved in the Salford League.”

Promotion hopes     

Chris has progressed onto higher leagues and was an assistant referee  for the regional final of The Tesco Cup at Bolton Wanderers’ Reebok Stadium last April.

He recently turned 16, and can now referee open-age football. He is hoping to gain more referring experience.

Chris said: “At the moment my reffing in open age football has only got as far as Sunday League football, which is pub teams.

“After speaking to my mentor, it’s looking about early next season before I can get in the middle in the Manchester League. I have put in for my promotion this year and they’re going to assess me next season.”


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