Final Word Could Lead To Winning Ways


12/04/2010 by mcmakarolyn

Manchester Creative and Media Academy (MC&MA Girls) students competed in the second and final round of the Urban Debate League.

The girls won one debate and lost three. However, the nature of the league could mean they could win on points.

The nine pupils were the youngest team in the contest. They were up against year 9 and year 10 students from Manchester Academy and Abraham Moss High School.

The first motion of the competition was ‘This house believes Britain is broken’.

The second motion was unseen and teams were allowed only 15 minutes to independently prepare for it. It was ‘This house believes all police officers should carry a firearm’.

The results will be revealed on Friday April 16 when the students will compete in the Richard Koch Cup. The debate motion will be ‘This house believes voting should be made compulsory’.

The Urban Debate League is part of national program ‘Debate Mate’, sponsored by social research charity the Joseph Rowntree Association. It aims to encourage debate about social issues and increase verbal intelligence in young people.

Mr Graham, ICT teacher and Debate Mate co co-ordinator said: “The students debating were an impressive sight and made us all proud!”

He also arranged the trip with MC&MA (Girls) teachers Miss Bousfield and Mr Smith.

The girls who competed were Gledisa Musollari, Heather Murray, Ebony Dobbs and Clare Parker. Masonga Kinsala, Naomi Yeboah, Junelle Finlayson, Aimee Cook and Gloria Ademolu were also on the team.


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  1. Heather Murray says:

    Thank you lol 😀

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