The Humpty Dumpty Whodunnit

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23/04/2010 by mcmakarolyn

The cast of MC&MA (Girls) BTEC production 'Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty?'

MC&MA (Girls) students will be solving one of the greatest mysteries of modern day nursery rhymes this May.

‘Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty?’ is a play acted out and produced by year 10 BTEC Performing Arts acting students, investigating which various famous character, including Little Bo Peep, Old Mother Hubbard and Jack and Jill, shoved the giant egg.

It is part of the students’ Devising Plays unit.

Utilising media

The Brookside Hall show combines live action performance – that is completely improvised – with multimedia. The screen on the Brookside Hall stage will display several short films that will detail each character’s plea.

Other characters in ‘Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty?’ include Little Miss Muffet, Jackie Nory, Queen and King of Hearts and, of course, Humpty Dumpty.

There will be two evening performances of ‘Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty?’ and a matinee for local primary schools.

Team work

The students are split into two groups that will both act and work behind the scenes, which includes working the curtains, lights and sound levels.

The girls involved in ‘Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty?’ are Jessica Ball, Meghan Brogden, Kezia Budsworth, Sarah Errey, Paige Firmston and Emma Hackett.

Also Rebecca Johnson, Eleanor McCann, Abigail Murray, Jasmine Nisic, Katie Pollit, Amy-Louise Roberts are taking part. There are joined by Emily Seddon, Tina Singh, Rebecca Gaskell, Chloe Gray and Aimee Scott.


Drama teacher Miss Hamlet is teaching and assisting the pupils. She said: “It’s been challenging for the girls because of the media element that has been introduced.

“A lot of the girls have never done filming before, and the recording part of the video evidence was new to them.”

She added the students are working hard towards the end result: “In lessons, we are concentrating on structure and improvising scenes. The two groups copy and mimic each other so they become used to it.

“They are also working on characterisation, where they take their character further.”

Monday May 10 and Tuesday May 11, Brookside Hall, 6pm. Matinee, Monday May 10, 11.15 to 1.10


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