Academy Rules: What Do You Think?

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05/05/2010 by mcmakarolyn

Manchester Creative and Media Academy’s (MC&MA) student council have come up with a set of common rules that aim to help improve academy life for all.

Now students are being asked for their feedback to ensure everyone agrees with them.

These seven rules that have been developed are:

  • Students and staff must treat people and the environment with respect
  • Students and staff should be prepared and focused for lessons
  • Students and staff should be able to work in an environment that allows learning to take place
  • Students and staff should meet deadlines
  • Students should wear the correct uniform and staff should be dressed appropriately
  • Students and staff should arrive to the Academy and lessons on time
  • Students and staff should not smoke on Academy premises

Pupils from both sites developed the rules in the student consultation that took place at the Student Council meeting at MC&MA (Girls) on Friday April 4.

The meeting took place after students from both MC&MA Boys’ and Girls’ consulted with their forms and fed back to the academy Student Council. The academy leadership teams were also informed.  

A group of councillors will now meet with MC&MA Executive Principal, Barry Fishwick, to deliver the seven rules.            

Students, inform your form tutors about what you think of the common rules by Friday lunchtime. Tutors will then tell Miss Carr and Mrs Rose.


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