Waterside Finds Engage MC&MA Pupils

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05/07/2010 by mcmakarolyn

Hard at work: Year 8 students on the Daisy Nook field trip

Manchester Creative and Media Academy (MC&MA Girls) students discovered all about life down by the riverside at Daisy Nook Country Park.

Over 150 year 8 pupils took part in curriculum-based Science and Humanities activities at the beauty spot as part of their ‘Rivers’ project.  

The students observed erosion and deposition of material by the River Medlock, and they took measurements of the speed and flow of the river.

Science-themed activities included ideas about habitats and animals. Pupils worked in two different locations; the River Medlock and the man-made pond.

Observing creatures in their habitat

At each location students collected insects and bugs from the water, observed them and identified them.

They compared the finds in each location and looked at how the types of animals found changed in relation to the cleanliness and nature of different habitats.

Science teacher Andy Day, who organised the field trip alongside Miss Wiggins, said: “The most popular finds were leeches – especially when they attached themselves to my fingers – and dragonfly nymphs whose extending mouthparts were the basis for the monsters in the Alien films!

 “All pupils were a credit to the Academy and the Sun even came out!”


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