Blooming Lovely!


14/07/2010 by mcmakarolyn

The Charlestown In Bloom team at Clifford Lamb Court

Manchester Creative and Media Academy’s close links with the community were cemented even further when staff helped Blackley group Charlestown In Bloom’s bid to become a local winner.

The committee, which aims to make environmental improvements through resident-led community action, has entered the regional section of Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS) Britain In Bloom competition for the seventh year running.

It worked with members of the Academy’s media team in order to put together a professional portfolio for the contest.

Judges from the RHS were given a tour around Charlestown to venues including Clifford Lamb Court, the Chatterbox Project just off Charlestown Road and Cartmel Court.

Last year, Charlestown In Bloom was given an award for their efforts.

Going for gold

This time, the group is aiming for a gold award. John Biggs, chairman of tenants and resident group in Charlestown, said: “I believe one of the judges was the chairman of the RHS.

“I spoke to them about how Clifford Lamb Court can be developed in regards to the garden and the investment that can hopefully go towards making the flats more wheel chair accessible.”

He added: “If we can motivate people and make them feel like they can take some ownership. They live here, and they want to overlook some nice gardens so if we can motivate them doing that, we can do our little part.”

The north west winners will be announced next month. Fingers crossed!


One thought on “Blooming Lovely!

  1. John Biggs says:

    Thanks to every body for the academy involvement with the Charlestown In Bloom Port Folio .Everybody I have given a copy to was very pleased with the results and the standard of editorial that was submitted . A real community event that all took part in including the schools ,Whitemoss Youth and Community Centre. Chatterbox ,High rise Flats, MMM, Northwards Housing ,Tenants Groups and Charlestown In Bloom committee members. WELL DONE TO EVERYBODY ,here hoping we get a good result and establish good community links ,from John Biggs Co ordinator at Whitemoss.

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