Appreciating The Simple Things In Life

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08/09/2010 by mcmakarolyn

MC&MA is teaming up with Simple to show our students that self esteem doesn't take much

Students at Manchester Creative and Media Academy Girls (MC&MA Girls) are putting their mobile phones, hair extensions and make up to one side for a national confidence campaign this Autumn.

Personal Development classes will be going back to basics from Tuesday 14th September for the Simple Wellbeing Challenge, alongside 500 other UK schools.

The challenge will measure how much appearance and modern gadgets affect teenagers’ self esteem.

Students taking part in the four-week challenge will record their own video diaries of their personal experiences and post them on our blog.

They will sign up for voluntary work, while teachers and parents will be given ways to support them day-to-day.

Self-esteem levels of the students are to be calculated before and after the challenge, using the ‘Rosenberg Scale’, a widely-used social science research method.

Personal Development teacher Miss Adetoro said: “The challenge links in perfectly with different aspects of the Personal Devlopment curriculum but it’s also a fun way for the students to look at self image and self esteem.

“It gives them the chance to appreciate that modern 21st Century trappings do not define who they are, and aren’t needed for them to feel good about themselves.”

The challenge will also promote the importance of skin health and there is a chance to win £500, which will be halved between the student and the school.

Personal Development classes cover RE, careers, PSHE and health and social care.

For more information, go to


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