Talented MC&MA Pupils Reach Leafy Heights With Prose

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02/11/2010 by mcmakarolyn

The MC&MA (Girls) Poetree

Poetic students have come top of the tree in an academy-wide house competition.

Four Manchester Creative and Media Academy (Girls) students were ranked first in the House Poetry competition, held to celebrate National Poetry Week in October.

Their work, alongside other entrants’, is displayed on MC&MA’s (Girls) ‘Poetree’ in Brookside Hall.

Pupils represented each house; Emerald, Ruby, Amber and Topaz.

Year 7 Emerald house student Rhianne Elliott won with ‘My Dad – Always Hurting Himself’ while ‘Geek’ got Thandeka Moyo from 10 RJB top place in Ruby house.

Amber House’s Sania Choudry, from 10AHP, received the first prize for ‘Every Thorn Has A Rose’, while year 9 students’ Ayesha Jones’ and Hayley Smith’s collaboration ‘Child Abuse’ was judged the best of Topaz.

The runners up were Khadeeja Khan from 8EDMO (Emerald), Danielle Seery from 7RAP (Ruby), Britney McCann from 7AMD (Amber) and Emma Barry 10TKOB (Topaz).

Khadeeja wrote ‘The Mystery Owl’, ‘My Dog’s Farted’ was penned by Danielle, ‘Sun Burning’ was written by Britney and Emma Barry came up with ‘My Big Boat’.

Effective Way To Convey Emotions

The competition was run by Humanities teacher Miss Martin and English teacher Mrs Biddle-Mogg. Miss Martin said: “The competition was a good opportunity for pupils to express themselves on an issue or topic that is important to them.

“We received a broad range of poems which we tried to show through the range winners. There were funny ones, catchy ones and sentimental ones.”

Following this extremely successful contest, members of each house are getting arty for the Reward Postcard Design competition.

The four winning postcard designs will be printed and used as a reward card for the rest of the year. All entries will win competition house points.

Have a read of the poems below:

Every Thorn Has a Rose

Every thorn has a rose, just like I have you,

If you weren’t here, I don’t know what I’d do.

Sometimes I feel like we were just meant to be,

Friends forever and close for eternity.

Our friendship means the world to me,

I’m so happy to have you three

When I am ill and under the weather,

You are always there to make me better.

I have had rough times throughout my life,

And you’ve all been there to help me through my troubles and strife.

 I could not have asked for more,

As I have three fantastic friends that I absolutely adore.

By Sania Choudhry (10AHP)

Sun Burning

Bushes waving side to side,

Grass twitching,

Wind whooshing,

Leaves falling,

Dropping like a waterfall.

Rubbish rolling,

Flowers falling,

Water dripping,

Sun shining,

Birds flying over your heads like you’re on holiday.

Dogs yelping at the window,

Speeding cars,

Graves shining,

Clouds brightening,

Bins rolling like a car.

Sun reflecting through the windows,

Plants growing,

Shadows moving on the floor.

Hearing thunder,

Rain pouring,

People shocked.

Trees falling,

People falling

Clouds moving,

Hearing bouncing,

Branches falling,

Wind blowing,

Things glowing

Sun Burning.

 By Britney McCann (7AMD)

Child Abuse

I sit in my room and get beat every day,

But I think it might stop today.

I lie on my bed crying to myself

I don’t know what to do, I can’t scream for help.

My dad comes in with a belt,

It’s like my heart’s begins to melt,

I thought my dad was meant to love me.

Please, can you set me free?

I’m surprised they will let me live,

I haven’t got simply a toy to play with,

I can’t believe they find this fun.

I wish I could talk to my mum.

I feel like I want to run away,

I think I might do that today.

I pack my bags and throw away the key,

Then at last they might love me.

When they find me to hit me again

Or buy me a present- it will probably be a book – 1-10

Or probably nothing- Zero =none

They probably haven’t noticed that I have gone.

By Ayesha Jones and Hayley Smith (9TCSB)

My Big Boat

I live on a boat – A very big boat,

A very big boat to me!

I sail my boat around a small sea,

A very small sea to me!

My boat is my home, my castle, my palace

A castle, a palace to me!

Turns out, my boat’s small,

My boat’s very small,

But my boat is not small to me!

Turns out the sea’s big,

The sea’s very big,

But the sea is not big to me!

My boat is not big,

I know that now,

My boat is not big, I know!


By Emma Barry (10TKOB)

My Dog Farted

When my dog farted, she blew off the roof.

I think it’s horrible, to tell you the truth.

After she’s done it, she has a little moan.

I knew she would when I got her that bone.

I cannot believe how much she ponged!

She smells like a pig after its lunch,

As well as loads of skunks in a bunch.

When my dog farted, she didn’t even care,

She had no guilt at all to spare.

When my dog farted …

By Danielle Seery (7RAP)


I get A’s and B’s , but never C’s

I answer every question in all

My classes. Everyone calls me ‘Geek’,

As they choke in laughter. But one

Day they will choke with disasters

In their coming future.

Just because I

Don’t wear the latest trends and makeup-

I only wear my glasses and my appropriate clothes,

I’m considered a “low life geek”.

My life is going pretty high. I’m sure they’re the ones

Heading for the ‘Low”. One day I’m going to be on TV

Winning a prize for my genius head…

 I laugh to myself “Do they even know what ‘Geek’ means?

At least I don’t get Fs, Es and Ds. Well at least I’m not a “FED”

At least I’ve got a definition for that word

‘Failure, Empty, Dummies’

I’m a Geek, sure I’m

‘Genius, Excellent, Educated, Kid’.

So you ‘C’, being a GEEK isn’t a bad thing.

By Thandeka  Moyo (10RJB)

The Mystery Owl

Mops look like broomsticks

With me riding high

Flowers grow green fingers

That colour away the sky.

Look at the night creatures

Peeking through the door

The noise fades slowly

Like a ghost empty roar.

The glitter mixes moon dust

From the sky dropping it below

Light fairies come on the earth

Guided by their glow.

The fairies gather wishes

As a fox starts to howl

All watched by the distance

Of a mysterious looking owl.

By Khadeeja Khan (8EDMO)

My dad- always hurting himself!!!

My dad always seems to hurt himself –

He will come back and moan about his health.

Just the other day he fell off his motorbike

He said he flew through the air,

Without a care-

And he ended up on the floor down there!

He seems to be in a lot of pain,

But I bet he will go back and do it all again!

My dad always seems to be hurting himself-

Even though it’s bad for his health!

By Rhianne Elliott (7EJS)


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