Journey To Oz

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15/11/2010 by mcmakarolyn

Year 11 BTEC Drama students are performing Journey To Oz, as part of their Final Major Performance (FMP) next month.

The pupils are organising the show themselves, including tickets, programmes, advertising, the set, props and costume.

The BTEC group is split into two groups, the Pink Team and Green Team.

The Pink Team…

Dorothy – Emma Hackett
Scarecrow – Kezia Budsworth
Lion – Rebecca Johnson
Tin Man – Tina Singh
Wicked Witch – Jessica Ball
Good Witch – Aimee Roberts
Aunt Em – Rebecca Gaskell
Uncle Henry – Paige Firmston

The Green Team…

Dorothy – Ellie McCann
Scarecrow – Jasmine Nisic
Lion – Katie Pollit
Tin Man – Chloe Gray
Wicked Witch – Abbie Murray
Good Witch – Meghan Brogden
Aunt Em – Emily Seddon
Uncle Henry – Aimee Scott

It takes place on at 6pm on Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th December in Brookside Hall.

0-3 years free, 3 – 16 years £1, Adults £2.60+


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