MC&MA Students Meet Nagasaki Survivors

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16/11/2010 by mcmakarolyn

Staff at the People’s History Museum in Manchester city centre invited students from Manchester Creative and Media Academies (MC&MA) to the newly-opened venue for special one-off history event outlining the bombing and reconstruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Mrs Rose, Assistant Vice Principal at MC&MA Girls’ attended the event with the boys and girls. She has written a piece about the afternoon.

“A group of nine pupils from both academies attended a talk given by a survivor of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki in Japan during the Second World War.

“The survivor had been 11 years old when the bomb dropped. He was at home with his twin brother preparing to go to school. His house was destroyed and he and his brother were covered in rubble. After forty eight hours he and his brother set out to cross the city to find his father. The whole city had been destroyed and they found their fathers body in the rubble of the factory where he worked.

“Since the bombing both he and his brother have had a number of serious illnesses and their own children have also been affected by the radiation from the bombing.

“Georgia, one of the students that attended, thought the talk was very sad and was amazed an eleven-year old boy had done so much to find his father and respect his body. All the students were impressed how the survivor had coped with such a difficult and life threatening situation. They are all agreed that war always creates innocent victims.”


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