Ex Pupil Dedicated to Climate Change Action Returns to MC&MA

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23/02/2011 by mcma

Ex pupil dedicated to climate change action returns to her old school to meet pupils also intent on action.

Tracy Carty a former pupil is now a Climate Change Officer for Oxfam and she is coming back into school for our Eco Enrichment day on Friday 4th March.

A number of year 7 students will be visiting a Waste Management Site, a Recycling Site, a Landfill Site, Materials Recovery Factory and Education Centre to see how things are disposed of and how we can reuse and recycle.

Other students will be working with Action for Sustainable Living who will be holding a number of recycle based activities to encourage the students to think about the current issues of climate change and change their way of thinking towards recycling.

Another exciting activity that will be running on Eco Enrichment day is the ‘Trashion Show’ Some students will spend the day creating their own clothes out of recycled materials and will present their creations to the rest of year 7 in their very own ‘Trashion Show’ at the end of the day.

The final activity of the day will be a talk from Pauline Lozoya and daughter Tracy Carty about sustainable living.

A jam-packed day for the year 7’s, which I am sure, they will thoroughly enjoy. Learning vital knowledge about recycling and sustainability they can pass on to their friends and families, supporting our need for change!


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