MC&MA Finish 2nd in the ‘Lights, Camera, Parliament!’ Competition

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11/03/2011 by mcma

Manchester Creative and Media Academy was represented in the Houses of Parliament yesterday by 5 year 11 girls. They had won this fantastic opportunity to have a tour of the Houses of Parliament at the Palace of Westminster, watch the speakers procession and even sit in on a live debate between political parties. The day was very exciting for all the girls. They tested out their interviewing skills on each of the competition’s judges as part of a ‘speed reporting’ challenge. The judges were Lord St John of Bletso, Luciana Berger MP, Dr Emma Jane Watchorn Parliament’s Education Service Manager, Nathan Rimmer the FILMCLUB Young Ambassador and Baroness Benjamin from the House of Lords. The girls did the Academy proud with their in depth questioning and confident delivery.

After our video ‘Who has power?’ received the highest number of hits out of all of the finalists, soaring over 1700 views we knew we were a strong contender for the top prizes. We sat and watched each film and the judges asked each group of student’s questions about their film and law they want to enforce. Our girls answered all of the questions and told the judges “We have shown our film to pupils during school assemblies and with doing this we received a positive feedback from students and teachers. This led to the senior staff enforcing ‘bully boxes’ which have been put around school so if people witness bullying or they are being bullied they are able to give information in confidence and confidentially. We know if our film could be shown in other schools that this positive affect could happen around the country.”

The response was very positive and the girls were happy with their turn in front of the judges. After all of the videos had been screened we all waited in anticipation for the results, running from the bottom they revealed the other videos to finish as second runners up. Then it came down to the final two videos, it was nail-biting tension as we waited for the announcement. When Baroness Benjamin said “And the first runner up is Manchester Creative and Media Academy” the girls were disappointed for a split second and then remembered the great achievement this was to come 2nd out of 60 entries. They all received a £10 Odeon voucher and 5 Flip cameras and tripods. We finished the brilliant day off with a walk around London seeing the sites and talking about the wonderful day.

Well done girls!


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