Silver Spade Ceremony

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25/03/2011 by mcma

Thursday 24th March was a monumental day for Manchester Creative and Media Academy as the ‘Silver Spade ceremony’ took place at the new build site in the glorious sunshine.

Russell Stewart, Operations Director from Lend Lease opened the ceremony describing how the new build is a sustainability site. They are recycling all the materials that are being excavated and employing people from the local area.

We then heard from the Lord Mayor, Mark Hackett who has been involved with the new Academy building for the early planning stages, explaining how this fantastic new beginning will benefit the whole community as well as the students fortunate enough to be taught in it.

Manchester City College is the lead sponsor of the Academy and Marie Gilluley told us how exciting it is to support such an inspirational project.

Councillor Shelia Newman spoke about her involvement with the new build and how happy she was that the building work was under way, after a slow and difficult start. She said “this site is going to be an iconic building, that represents the future of education in this area”

From listening to all of the speech and feeling the buzz in the air it was clear that this new building is going to be more than ‘just a school’. It will provide a new and exciting learning environment that will engage the students and provide them with a great education. Just as the Lord Mayor spoke about the community Mr Fishwick, executive principal said “when they invested 38 million pounds in our children and they see things changing, with the kids coming out bright, happy, smiling and successful, then it will have a huge impact on the community.”

The ceremony was concluded with the students joining Mr Fishwick, Lord Mayor, Russell Stewart, Sheila Newman and Marie Gilluley to officially mark the start of work on the new build site turning the soil with the silver spades.


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