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28/03/2011 by mcma

On the 23rd and 24th March something strange was going on in the science lab GGF in Greenfield. During the two days there were many pupils peeking through the doors of GGF to see what all these strange adults in lab coats were doing. It turned out that our school hosted a basic and advanced microbiology course for school science technicians in Greater Manchester. The course was run by Cleapss (school science and technology advisory service). This was a chance for technicians to update their microbiology techniques and skills (you never stop learning!). There were 12 technicians including myself (Mr Ryan) who took the two day course, which was very successful. We learned a lot of new skills, which we hopefully can pass onto the science department and establish new and fun experiments in microbiology.

With new curriculum’s being introduced all the time new experiments need to be tried and tested. Many pupils from around the country have asked if one of the experiments they could do is test plaque on your teeth against different mouthwashes to see which the best is. However, it is not advisable to scrape plaque from pupils’ mouths (urrggh). Luckily one of the plaque bacterium Lactobacillus casei is the bacterium that is found in the probiotic drink Yacult. So this would be an easy and safe experiment to do. We did some experiments on both Yacult and Actimel and hope to introduce them in the near future.

Mr Ryan


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