MC&MA Win Animation Competition


08/07/2011 by mcma

The Sharp Project ran a competition to design a storyboard for an animation in which stars a character called “sharpie” who has a vision for a greener Manchester. Our MCMA’s team consisted of Ashan Chaudray, Mutale Chasi, Lewis Frater, Jordan Nolan, Eric Openshaw and Bolo Osho, supported by teaching staff Lisa Kelly and Carol Shelton. MC&MA designed the best storyboard and their ideas have been made into a fantastic animation that will be shown around the schools in Manchester to promote a greener future.

MC&MA 6th form Music Technology students produced the music that accompanies the animation.

The Girls Academy was also represented by Kelly Choi, Hui Min Sue, Tomilayo Olabampe, Rebecca Yarwood and Rahat Khalil who worked extremely hard on their storyboard designs of ‘Sharpie’ as a cool ‘Manga’ style professional lady. Narrowly missing out on the winning pitch to the Boys Academy.

Congratulations to all involved.

“Animation house Kililogramme has been working with The Sharp Project on its Sharp Future initiative – a scheme to help schoolchildren from underprivileged areas of Manchester consider a career in the city’s fast-growing creative sector.

Local schools were invited to submit storyboards for a film based around the year 2020 and the environmental issues the city may face at that point.

The best ideas, which came from the talented kids at MCMA Boys school, were then turned into the below film by Kilogramme’s team of lead animator Sam Jones, David Ridges and Jon Turner.” (


2 thoughts on “MC&MA Win Animation Competition

  1. sylvia allon says:

    That is the best thing i have seen all year

  2. Barry Fishwick says:

    Fantastic storyline and idea and an outstanding end product. Also the evening of the award was a great success and the Girl’s Academy were represented too alongside the winning Boys.

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