Relaxing Art

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28/02/2012 by mcma

The year 11 Art classroom is calm and relaxed as the pupils work on their exam preparation. Mrs Ferns is very pleased with their progress and “impressed with how the boys are developing their ideas from their chosen starting points.”

O’Neil Dewar has chosen the topic of ‘Connections to Nature’ where he is looking at the human form, he is producing a full scale wire sculpture that he will cover it in tissue paper and paint on detailed features. O’Neil wants to display the figure in the Academy garden area where it will give the illusion of floating between trees. O’Neil said he enjoys “everything” about art and how he can “project ideas from my head onto paper.” Bolu Osho also explains why he enjoys art, “it’s like a hobby because it’s something I like to do.” Bolu is using the topic of ‘dance’ as the staring point for his artwork, focusing on silhouette dancers on bright and bold backgrounds, he wants to create a stage for his final piece incorporating both the backgrounds and dancers.

‘Here and Now’ is the topic that Cameron McKenzie is working on. He is using the Olympics as his inspiration taking the iconic logo and redesigning it. He describes the lessons as “chilled out, you can go into a world of your own and take your mind off other things.”

We will visit the class in a few weeks to see the progress of their preparation work.


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