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12/03/2012 by mcma

‘Lights, Camera, Parliament’ is a film competition and opportunity for 11-16 year olds. Giving students the chance to make their voices heard by creating a short 3-minute film to inform parliament what law they would like to see in place.

Last year 5 year 11 girls got the opportunity to visit the House’s of Parliament after their competition entry was chosen to be one of the final 5 films in the country. When visiting London the girls had to deliver a presentation to a panel of judges, including Baroness Benjamin form the House of Lords.

MC&MA were awarded 2nd place in the entire competition, not only winning this achievement they were each awarded a flip camera and tripod.

After the success of last years entry students from Ms Hamlett’s year 10 drama group, including myself, have been busy making their own films. Various students from this class agree that it is “plenty of fun, a good experience and educational.” We believe that this opportunity should also be offered to other classes and year groups.

The films we have made touch on different issues that are in our society. Our films are already climbing the leader board and we are hoping ‘fingers crossed’ that this year we will also be invited to the House’s of Parliament. The time, energy and enthusiasm the students in my drama class have put into these films is outstanding. We hope that all the hard work will be recognised again.

The girls at MC&MA would appreciate it if you watched our films. The more views each film receives the more acknowledgements the girls will receive, so please visit

Kristen Byrne 10 A1


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