British astronaut Tim Peake to launch Mission X at MCMA


11/02/2013 by mcma

Nearly 600 students, from over 20 schools in the Northwest are amongst the 6000 children given the opportunity to take part in this unique mission to train like an astronaut.
Supported by the UK Space Agency, as part of the international Mission X challenge, Mission X in the UK started here at Manchester Creative and Media Academy on Wednesday 6th Feb.  During the event the students heard first hand from British ESA astronaut Tim Peake about what is the ‘right stuff’ to become an astronaut and the importance of fitness, nutrition and science. The event was supported locally by the Comino Foundation and Ideas Foundation. The University of Manchester lead a range of outreach activities in the morning prior to the presentation by Tim Peake.
Major Tim Peake, the first British ESA astronaut, said:
“It is so important to exercise and eat healthily whilst you are young. Getting fit and staying fit will help you to do whatever you want with your life, even reaching for the stars!”
Jeremy Curtis, Head of Education for the UK Space Agency, added:
“The UK Space Agency is proud to support Mission X in the UK. Astronauts know the vital importance of physical training for mission success, and Mission X provides an exciting opportunity for UK students to learn from them and boost their health, fitness and science education.”
Over the six week MX2013 challenge, Mission X UK teams will perform a number of physical exercises and classroom lessons to become as fit as an astronaut and learn the importance of an active lifestyle and healthy nutrition.
The students, aged between 8  and 14, will take part in the mission for 6 weeks and will have scores awarded after each exercise. The points awarded help the Mission X mascot Astro Charlie  take steps towards the moon. The UK Blog on the international website will allow teams to upload results, download educational material, check the results and share comments.
Activity challenges in the UK include 19 different physical and scientific missions. Examples include:
  • Energy of an Astronaut
  • Base Station Walkback
  • Let’s Climb a Martian Mountain
  • Crew Assembly
  • Do a Spacewalk
All schools across the UK are able to access the Mission X activities and resources for free, providing them with a fun and interesting way to promote fitness and boost interest in science.
Teaching resources can be found on the UK Mission X website.
A full list of missions can be found on the international Mission-X website.
Mission X is an international pilot project led by NASA and ESA and involving 22 different countries.
Richard Garriott, the sixth private citizen to fly in Earth’s orbit, and one of the Mission X ambassadors, said, “I had to overcome major medical issues before I could get to space. Being healthy and fit is important to get into space and to enjoy your time off–world.”
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One thought on “British astronaut Tim Peake to launch Mission X at MCMA

  1. Heather MacRae says:

    Thanks for hosting the event for Mission X UK. You were fabulous hosts – what an amazing venue to use for our launch.

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