MCMA Students see the Digital Future of 3D Learning.

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22/03/2013 by mcma

Lisa Alberti Director of Innovation and Enriched Learning at Manchester Creative and Media Academy was invited to bring a selection of students to EON Reality UK Head Quarters at One Central Park yesterday to look into the future of 3D visual learning. The INC group of pupils (Innovate and Create) has been developed by Miss Alberti to develop pupils with HIGH POTENTIAL in creative areas.

The global interactive research and development centre provides access to state of the art interactive 3D technologies including a virtual showroom, training room, project room, development lab, and 3D classroom infrastructure, creating a centre of excellence in Manchester and attracting customers from all over Europe. The centre is an extension to The Sharp Project, Manchester’s digital and production complex in Newton Heath, creating more than 240 new jobs over the next three years.

The centre hosts a fantastic range of software that EON Reality has developed for education and entertainment. The possibilities of visual learning seem endless.

EON chose Manchester over a host of other continental cities as the location for the HQ, which will create 240 jobs over the next three years.

The base has two key components, the first of which is a computing coding college, in which EON will train 100 people a year for the next five years, completely free-of-charge.

Ken Swain talking to our students

EON Reality chief executive Ken Swain said “We are creating a circle of education…We’re teaching young people skills to produce 3D teaching tools that will help educate the next generation.”

Swain believes that 3D learning should be in every classroom “If you can see something in 3D, it becomes more personal to you and there is evidence to show that 3D technology improves test results by an average of 17%, while attention levels increase to 92% in 3D lessons, compared to 46% in the traditional learning environment.”

MCMA students were shocked at how advanced the technology was and how they became immersed in the virtual surroundings, a highlight being the 3D virtual rollercoaster that sent some of the teachers flying. They believed that it would enhance their learning and keep their attention for the entire lesson and improve learning in every subject. It is an exciting time for students in Manchester with such life changing digital developments happening on their doorstep and we want our students to be prepared for the future.


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