MCMA INC Projects with Miss Alberti


27/03/2013 by mcma

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‘Hopes and Dreams’ in partnership with Ideas Foundation and the Media Trust.

The year 9 INC group have been trained up by well renowned film and documentary producer Moira Keane and film company Captive North in the art of writing and producing for a target audience.

The final film aimed at guiding year 7’s in the right direction as they start their secondary education, premiered on the outdoor screen at The Triangle and can now be viewed here!

‘The Rise of the Unread’

The INC group have moved straight on to their next creative endeavour with the production of stop frame animation ‘Rise of the Unread’

With characters, sets and props developed by INC from a script written by Miss Grahams year 9 English class in collaboration with David Hanson a professional scriptwriter. The animation captures the importance of the written word in a world where the un-dead are rising.

Pupils modelled and filmed their character with expert guidance of Paul Couvela and support of fabulous creative mentors from MMU. Photos from the sessions can be viewed here but you will have to wait for the premier to see the finished animation. The sets will be displayed in the front foyer for viewing.


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