University Uncovered with Year 7

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26/04/2013 by mcma

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAA group of curious Year 7s got to investigate Manchester University and get a flavour of higher education today.  After a welcome to the university by the Widening Participation team, the pupils were given a tour of the campus.   During the tour which took in the famous Whitworth Quad and Students Union, the MCMA students learnt some astonishing facts.  The most staggering of these was that the university’s library houses 4 million books, which would take 10,950 years to read!

Following the tour, the focus of the visit turned to activities with a Hula Hoop challenge designed to demonstrate the importance of teamwork.  This fun introduction enthused the learners, with Luke Darlington describing the challenge as “good”.   More challenges followed based around academic disciplines including medicine, language, marketing and geography.


Before leaving the university, a group of current students took part in a question and answer session.  A range of questions about lectures, seminars, course entry requirements and student finance were raised.

What were the pupils’ views on the day? Zahra Islam concluded that “uni seems like fun”, Sumaya Ali said she’d learnt “new things” and the rest of the MCMA cohort universally agreed that the day had been highly enjoyable and informative.


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