Manchester College’s Taster Day gives Year 10s a flavour of further education

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02/07/2013 by sleach860

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Pupils from Year 10 got the opportunity to take part in a range of taster courses at the Manchester College on Monday 1st July.  Europe’s largest college opened the doors of its Harpurhey and Moston campuses to give the MCMA pupils a glimpse into the future.  A range of tasters were offered in areas as diverse as vocational Hair & Beauty through to more academic A Level subjects.

The Hair & Beauty course set the pupils a task to design a mask as well as painting and varnishing their nails.  While those opting for Construction got to use workshop tools, honing their technical skills by marking and measuring materials.

Pupils opting for the Science taster got to investigate the density of liquids and take part in a Olympic themed science quiz.  Year 10s who elected to explore Sports and Public Services were kept busy; they investigated the course topics, took part in quizzes and used equipment to monitor their own heart rate and blood pressure.  They capped off the morning with a workout at the college gym.

Students looking at studying A Levels got to sample a wide range of subjects from the arts, humanities and sciences.  Subjects which MCMA pupils have little experience such as Sociology, Psychology and Government & Politics were flagged up as new opportunities and discussion of topics generated much heat and light, giving a flavour of what A Level study is all about.

What was the verdict on the day?  Overwhelmingly a success.


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