MCMA pupils’ efforts rewarded with celebration visit to MMU

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12/07/2013 by sleach860

11 July 2013

A group of Year 9s efforts earlier this year were rewarded with a celebratory visit to Manchester Metropolitan University today.  The pupils had previously taken part in Comic Smart, a creative writing project run by MMU students and inspired by cartoon characters such as Superman, Batman and Spiderman.

The day started with the pupils being taken from the academy by taxi to MMU’s iconic new £75 million Business School. They were then welcomed with refreshments and invited to view their work along with contributions from other schools and academies. Then serious business was attended to, as the MCMA cohort and MMU students evaluated the Comic Smart project; highlighting the positives and flagging up areas for improvement.     OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
A highly motivational creative writing workshop followed, in which Martin Kratz, a post graduate creating writing student managed to get the whole group to produce poems based on a picture entitled “Portrait of the Aging Superhero”. After 3 minutes of writing and some cutting and pasting with scissors and glue, the poems produced were quite inspirational.


After a brief Q & A session with current university students the pupils took a tour of the campus, checking out halls of residence, the students union and the new School of Art building. This was followed by lunch.

Feedback from the Year 9s was 100% positive. Asked for his view of the event Jake Jehu said it was “Great” and that he “really enjoyed it.” Ben Astridge commented that the visit was “probably the best university trip I’ve ever done”, whilst Andrew Birds said it was “really good”.


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