KPMG workshop shows the way for MCMA’s professional women of the future.

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20/09/2013 by mcma

On Thursday 19th September MCMA welcomed Reena Ghelani, Sarah Malik and Tasnim Akram of KPMG, one of the world’s largest providers of professional services to run an exciting workshop entitled Women in the Workplace.

The aim of the workshop was to improve employability and knowledge of the labour market amongst young women.  The key theme investigated throughout the morning was the role of women in the workplace and how women can access the opportunities available to them.

Examples of highly successful women were flagged up including Deborah Meaden, Margaret Thatcher and Mother Teresa.  Investigating these individuals led to the understanding that certain skills are crucial to success.   Developing aptitudes and competences that allow individuals to become high achievers then became the focus, students then gained an understanding that effort, determination and dedication are essential for success.

The pupils then took part in a team challenge which allowed them to identify strengths and weaknesses and draw out those sought after skills for success.  These activities were highly popular and the highlight of the day for many.

A presentation on working for a major institution such as KPMG followed.  Career paths and the professional development opportunities were emphasised, along with personal insights from Reena, Sarah and Tasnim.  Many pupils commented that they were now looking seriously at careers in auditing and accounting.

Finally the group looked at CVs and what makes a successful job interview.  Issues investigated included interview preparation and behaviour.

At the end of the session it was clear the event had an overwhelmingly positive impact on the young women present and created much food for thought.  One pupil Isra Mahmood summed up the morning’s proceedings in one word “amazing”.


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