KPMG Workshop gets Y10s and 11s Work Ready

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24/09/2013 by sleach860

An innovative workshop designed to give students the edge in the job market took place today at MCMA.  The workshop funded by international accountancy firm KPMG and delivered by EdComs, sought to highlight what makes people highly employable.

KPMG Work Ready was led by Chris Corcoran, Debra Bryan and Charlotte Evans and got off to an eye-catching start when pupils were split into teams and given a mannequin to assemble, dress and name.  The bemused students soon realised that teamwork was the key to completing the task and also an essential skill for working life.

Understanding how teams operate also formed a key component of the second challenge when groups were given a range of problem solving challenges, which tested a range of attributes.  Teams had to identify which member would perform best in each test and which skillset is best suited to a certain job.

Following the highly enjoyable Attribute Quiz, teams had to nominate a job for their mannequin to apply for and identify the useful skills and attributes that would help them get the job.  An informative session highlighting good and bad CVs followed.

The final phase of the workshop saw the teams create a CV for the mannequin and investigate how dressing correctly for interview has a massive impact on how you’re perceived.  The groups then answered interview questions on their mannequin’s behalf.

The day blended plenty of employability information, advice and guidance with fun activities.  The students’ verdict on the day was very positive.  Ronan Hunston summed up the mood saying the workshop was “really good, I really enjoyed it.”


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