University Explored with Year 10

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26/09/2013 by sleach860

An enthusiastic group of Year 10 students got a chance to investigate the academia this autumn.  They were participating in Manchester University’s Gateways Programme, designed to widen participation in higher education.

The day started with arrival at the Roscoe Building and a welcome and introduction to the university.  A short film followed highlighting the globally competitive nature of the labour market and the importance of skills development, particularly transferable skills like leadership, team work and problem solving.  In addition to developing subject knowledge, degree level study is an excellent way to develop these key skills.

One important fact highlighted was that graduates earn on average £684 per week, compared with £431 for those educated to A Level and £322 for those who left education at 16.  This set the scene as the benefits of degree level education were brought home to the pupils.

After a break, the pupils started an activity researching their future options, investigating degree courses that interested them.  From this they gleaned the entry requirements and A Level subject combinations which would assist their applications.  This activity was supported by the Student Ambassadors; current university undergraduates who help run the widening participation activities.

In the afternoon the pupils had a choice of workshops focusing on STEM subjects, the Humanities and Medical Sciences at the Manchester Museum.  Following this the Student Ambassadors held a Q & A session on student life.

The Year 10 Exploration Day was highly successful and one which the MCMA cohort will remember.  Pupil feedback testifies to this:

It was a blast-Yao

It was very interesting-Samantha

A fun day, Fabian (Student Ambassador) was good-Kaylen


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