Inspirational Talk for Year 9 Girls

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04/12/2013 by sleach860


A group of interested Year 9 girls today benefited to an inspirational workshop aimed at raising aspirations amongst young women.

Human resources consultant Sonia De La Fuente and self-employed make-up artist Grainne Arif gave motivational talks based around their own career pathways.

They described their progress through GCSEs, A Levels, HNDs and degrees and gave the girls advice on how to realise their aspirations.  A key theme coming through both presentations was that career plans change throughout working life.


Sonia explained that her degree in human resource management actually had a one year paid work placement as part of the course and one key activity both Sonia and Grainne encouraged the pupils to participate in, was work experience.   From a HR perspective Sonia emphasised that work placements both voluntary and through the academy’s work experience programme, can make a jobseeker’s CV or application form stand out.  Work experience illustrates your commitment and dedication.

Both speakers explained how their career plans had changed over time.  Most dramatically, Grainne explained how she switched from a secure well paid job in IT to freelance make-up artist.  She added having a talent and strong interest are excellent reasons for making career decisions.

At the end of the event many pupils stayed on to ask questions about a range of topics including international travel, salaries and celebrity clients.

The workshop got very positive feedback from the girls.  Here are some of their comments:

“It was really good, really helpful”-Lineker

“It was helpful to get advice”-Sadia

“I found it helpful”-Molly

“I really enjoyed it, there was advice on how to look after children and manage work”-Nosheen

“Good to get two different opinions from people who really enjoy their jobs”-Inaya


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