Year 8 University fact finding visit

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18/03/2014 by sleach860


Thursday 13th March was a day of facts for Year 8 as they got to find out an array of information about university life and study.  The day started with some big numbers.  The year 8s were surprised to find out that Manchester University is home to just under 40,000 students.  Also surprising was the wide number of courses on offer in the UKs 300 plus higher education institutions- 50,000 programmes of study from Astronomy to Zoology.

The year 8s then mixed with pupils from Manchester Communications Academy and Westleigh High School and went around the university’s campus, interviewing current students asking them about their courses and important questions such as how many hours of lectures do they have to attend each week.

Three separate workshops followed in which all the year 8s got to study topics as varied as gravity, whether animals have feelings and the assassination of Julius Caesar.

A round-up gave the MCMA pupils some food for thought, entry requirements for various degree courses were discussed, the importance of good grades in GCSE English and Maths was highlighted.  The development of key skills such as leadership, teamwork and communication during university study was also flagged up.  These skills are valued highly by employers.

At the end of the day, a question and answer session with the student ambassadors, current undergraduates provided an opportunity for the year 8s to ask any burning questions.  Questions ranged from student lectures to extra curricular opportunities.


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