University workshop brings relics of the ancient world to life

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04/06/2014 by sleach860


Ancient civilisations took centre stage for an enthusiastic group of Year 9 learners this week at the Manchester Museum, cultural asset of Manchester University.  Specialists in five civilisations including ancient Mediterranean cultures and Aztec Mesoamerica ran a series of workshops bringing distant times to life through artefacts from the museum’s collection.

A 6000 year old clay vessel gave a fascinating insight into the superstitious lives of the ancient Egyptians. Embossed with an image of Bes, an important god, the Egyptians believed the jar would turn milk into medicine and protect their children.  Many Egyptian children never reached adulthood so there was plenty of incentive to call on help from the gods.

A special treat was the opportunity for the pupils to handle a piece of ceremonial ivory marked with hieroglyphs which used to adorn a pharaoh’s chariot.  The MCMA pupils found the whole experience illuminating and it definitely put post graduate research in archaeology on their radar as a future career.

The event marked the conclusion of Mapping Interfaces a project is led by Dr Stephanie Koerner, whose aim is to get Year 9 pupils to understand how studying ancient sites and cultures can help us understand better the patterns which are known as globalisation. Stephanie’s project is part of the School University Partnership Initiative run by Manchester University.  For more details visit:





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