MCMA pupils make their mark!


08/10/2014 by sleach860


MCMA pupils today exercised a key human right, the right to vote. The right to vote, which people aged 18 and above have had since 1969 in the UK, is something people around the world are still fighting for.


The news often portrays young people as disengaged from the political process, but as the Scottish referendum and now the Make Your Mark consultation show, young people are really switched on to the big issues. Make Your Mark is the UK Youth Parliament’s annual ballot of nearly half a million 11-18 year olds, which aims to find out which issues matter most and debate them.


MCMA pupils from Years 7 to 11 voted on which issues they feel strongest, ranging from votes at 16, better mental health services, improving youth services right through to euthanasia. The ballot was overseen by Mr Moor and a team of Year 10 students who acted as polling officers and clerks.



The event was enjoyable for all involved as the comments below show:

“It was really good, a good way to get your point across”-Sidra

“It was fun”-Josh

“It was a good idea to get everyone’s opinions, take them to the youth parliament and do something about it”-Nosheen

“It was good”-Dillon


One thought on “MCMA pupils make their mark!

  1. Efe says:

    It was so cool

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