Year 11 get the skills for success

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22/10/2014 by sleach860




On Tuesday a talented group of MCMA learners visited Manchester University and took part in its “Skills for Success” day, part of the Gateways programme. The aim of the day was to recreate some important aspects of university life and study. After an introduction looking at the function of higher education in general and goals of Manchester University, the role of enquiry based learning was touched on.

After a discussion about the differences between learning at school and university, the Year 11s were introduced to the art of note-taking. Three techniques were discussed; mind mapping, skeleton prose and the Cornell system, which was new to many year 11s.

Post graduate student Mary Farrelly then delivered a lecture to the Year 11s on the subject of the 2010 World Cup, held in South Africa. The lecture covered the ethical, economic, development, environmental and healthcare issues that hosting the World Cup highlighted.

After taking notes on the lecture, the pupils had to decide which aspect of the lecture they would like to investigate further and then present their findings. This involved working in groups with pupils from other schools, which is something all new undergraduates have to get used to doing.


Following lunch the groups presented their findings and a vote was taken by the Student Ambassadors (current undergraduates who mentor pupils on university visits) on which presentation was best. Winning team members were awarded a scarf with the University of Manchester colours.

Although there was only one winning team, Gateways Coordinator Amy Barrett said the Year 11s from the four schools and academies present had set a high standard for future schools to meet.


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