Year 10 history detectives solve ancient murder

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24/11/2014 by sleach860

Twenty enthusiastic Year 10s got to take part in a unique event staged at Manchester University, which gave them the opportunity to act as detectives and use academic sources and historical documents to decide who killed the ‘Princes in the Tower’… Richard III or Henry VI?

The event culminated in a debate wherein students had to persuade a jury of academics who was guilty of this crime in a mock courtroom in the university’s law department.


The Year 10s were given dozens of online and printed resources to examine and work in groups to make their case as to who was guilty of the murders. The resources were prepared by History Lecturers at the University. By taking part in the activity they gained an insight into how historians do the act of researching history.

Pupil feedback from the day was overwhelmingly positive, as these comments testify:

“Today was really good, I learned a lot about University and had a really fun time. I would like to do it again!”

“I liked everything about the trip, it has made me change my mind about what I want to be in the future. I really enjoyed the whole trip so much!”                                                                               

“I would like to go on more trips like this as they are really enjoyable as well as educational. It has persuaded my friends to go to University and I learned a lot. There should be a law trip this year.”

“The trip was interesting and engaging in all activities. We learned a lot, not only about History but about Universities as well. If I had another chance to go, count me in! (:”

“The trip we went on was fun and useful because I now know that I want to study Law. Also, I learned lots of new things and enjoyed it!”                                                                                                                

“I enjoyed today as I liked the way we were preparing for the debate. I also enjoyed today because I have learned about the two princes which I didn’t even know about.”

“I enjoyed the trip because it gave me the idea of what I want to do when I’m older. (It was also really fun).”


“Today I liked the trip because I want to study Law and it helped me understand what it would be like in University and helped me understand what University is like. I learned a lot today and I really enjoyed it. Yay.”


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