Year 8 explore university options

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27/11/2014 by sleach860

An enthusiastic group of Year 8 learners yesterday visited Manchester University to take part in its exploration day. The focus of the day was to get a good idea of what university life is like and what type of subjects and courses are on offer.

After a welcome to the university the Year 8s were set the Alphabet Challenge, working in pairs they had to come up with a course title for each letter. To everyone’s amazement, X was found to be the only letter which didn’t start a degree title. Next the MCMA students were mixed with pupils from three other local schools and took part in a “speed dating” activity in which they questioned Student Ambassadors (current undergraduates) about what courses they were studying and found out information about lectures, seminars and how university is different to school.



Three workshops followed on STEM subjects and the humanities. The Year 8s got to find out about amazing scientific developments such as research into reversing the aging process, plans for environmentally friendly cities and plans to extract water and precious metals from comets. A history workshop investigated the death of Julius Caesar, looking at the reliability different historical accounts. The final workshop took a fascinating look at the language and culture of Brazil and included a basic lesson in Portuguese.


The day ended with a question and answer session. The pupils had plenty of questions about university life and study which the Student Ambassadors answered comprehensively. The MCMA learners had a great day, the contributed well and their behaviour was impeccable, earning praise from staff from other schools.

The feedback from the Year 8s was great as this sample of comments shows:

“It was fantastically good”

“It was fun”


“It was good”

“Better than school”


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