Year 7 discover a passion for reading

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03/06/2015 by sleach860



A group of enthusiastic Year 7 students got to experience what for many of us is a rare treat, a visit to an independent bookshop just before the half term break. The visit to Simply Books in Bramhall on Friday 22nd May was a reward for the pupils, who had excelled in their reading assessments.

On arrival the learners were given a warm welcome by owners Andrew and Sue and a tour of the bookstore, highlighting the various genres and their location within the store.  The aim of the visit was to select new books for the academy’s library which reflect the interests of the student body, so the pupils were set the challenge of finding three books they would enjoy reading personally.  As a thank you for choosing the novels, the Year 7s were allowed to take their choices home and be the first to read and review them.

The visit culminated with the pupils being served a mug of hot chocolate and a brownie.  The visit was a pleasurable experience for all and is likely to have ignited life’s greatest gift in the pupils, a passion for reading.  Many thanks to Andrew and Sue and the staff at Simply Books (
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